God peopled — and here we are!

It gets confusing, doesn’t it?
It helps to keep in mind something Stephen Gaskin said, that “We’re all telepathic.” Humanity is divided but not fully separated– each of us generally conscious only of a small part of  all the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual processes we’re interacting with.
You might think of “God” as the totality which contains all that, its coherent spiritual form.

God is not this concept, or any other “concept of God.” But the concept may serve as a pointer to the God who exists, who lives inside each life.

If you could truly see your own soul, that’s what you’d find. The Bible calls this “the image of God,” but it is also the breath God gave Adam; it’s the only Life available that could have made us truly living beings.

Should you “believe” all this? It happens to be true.

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    • And anyone who’s practicing Judaism is supposed to thank God every morning, that the soul which has been returned to him upon awakening, is [not ‘corrupt’ as some Christians imagine, but] ‘pure’.

      • In the Hindu belief at night you forget the body and become one with the Supreme Brahman. In the morning you return to this physical human body. The belief is that the soul is ever pure but being attached to our physical form we build up dark clouds of ignorance and are unable to perceive the pure sky behind it (the soul).

      • Whatever happens at night… doesn’t seem to connect much with daytime experience, at least for me (except in the case of events like that prophetic dream you were talking about on your site.)

        Another yogic experience I hear/read about — is that we are always “one with the Supreme Brahman,” but usually fail to experience this because we’re too much focused on whatever-it-is that people do “here”.

        Analogy…? While driving a car, a person is constantly engaged in driving — but might start paying more attention to a conversation than to watching the road, etc., with possible bad impacts on car and conversation alike.

        Which wouldn’t imply it was ‘wrong’ to talk and drive, but that a driver needs to keep the priorities straight.

        Where I find Hindu models unsatisfactory is the suggestion that earthly life is intrinsically flawed, that the only way out of those ‘thick clouds of ignorance’ is to give up being embodied, a condition I like being attached-to. So I’m inclined to guess that Hindus have the most accurate ideas as to how worlds are created & inhabited… but that there’s a way of interpreting this along Christian lines, in which we can regain the sense of being one with God, without losing our sense of being created beings. Perhaps artists (of various kinds) come closest to experiencing this, in that “God’s creative work” and “their personal effort” are both valid descriptions of what happens when they produce something….

    • I agree with the Gnostics that it isn’t about church memberships, beliefs, ceremonies performed by authorized personnel. That everybody needed to search for itself, and find What It Is. Which were largely the stands that got them, and the early Quakers, in trouble.

      After they’d achieved those insights, they ended up with a weird set of implausible, obligatory beliefs of their own. Ain’t that the way!

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