God peopled– and here we are!

It gets confusing, doesn’t it?

It helps to keep in mind something Stephen Gaskin said, that “We’re all telepathic.” Humanity is divided but not fully separated– each of us generally conscious only of a small part of  all the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual processes we’re interacting with.

You might think of “God” as the totality which contains all that, its coherent spiritual form.

God is not this concept, or any other “concept of God.” But the concept may serve as a pointer to the God who exists, who lives inside each life.

If you could truly see your own soul, that’s what you’d find. The Bible calls this “the image of God,” but it is also the breath God gave Adam; it’s the only Life available that could have made us truly living beings.

Should you “believe” all this? It happens to be true.


2 responses to “God peopled– and here we are!

  1. Yes, that’s always struck me as a good way to consider the constraints implied on even an ominipotent Author– by His own nature, sense of form– and sympathy for his characters, which are after all, Himself.

    All the characters I’ve ever written have been somehow me. Not having God’s depth or virtuosity, my results have been less than I’d hoped for. I much enjoyed Ursula K LeGuin’s _Language of the Night_, which gave me a lot of insight into how she does it… but not how I could.

    You might also want to read _The Lathe of Heaven_, her novel re how perfected a world might get– before subtle side effects would suck away too much of its natural disorder and vitality.

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