Other Blog

I’m in the process of transferring an old, inherited Bible study blog to wordpress.

That’s Reading The Light Through the Pages. It was started by a Quaker but has always been open to a range of comments and contributors.

As the last active participant from the old site, I’m going to aggressively recruit new people, likewise from a wide range, but with the understanding that

(As in the Jewish Renewal synagogue Anne & I attended when studying at Pendle Hill) this should be open to a wide range of interpretations, and of arguments

but biting and gouging (should this get too rowdy) will be Discouraged.

As the title suggests, accurate criticisms are fine; but the object is to derive whatever we can of value from each passage, and each other.

[Please bear with a certain clunkiness here while I work out how best to display and organize the material there.]


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