I’m a San Diego Quaker named Forrest Curo. I started this site as a place to “hide” mystical writings until people might be led to find them, whenever God found the time right for them.

Since then I’ve used it as a place to experiment and practice while preparing to move the Bible study at kwakerskripturestudy.blogspot.com to wordpress.

There’s more than enough about me out there already. But if you want to contact me (at gmail) the username is ‘treegestalt’.



3 responses to “About

    • Canada, then?
      An amazing number of people seem to have come from formerly-Quaker families. Discouraging people from getting married with a preacher may have been not-so-sharp as a long-term policy.

  1. Hello again…yes…years ago, approx 1820…this area was settled by both Pennsylvania Dutch and Scottish settlers…so with the shared work ethic…they got along very well…married….a great combo…..we have a Friends Meeting House right here in our village….such a beautiful and peaceful feeling when I go inside….

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